$ANGRY is the Token for Angry Arbinu, The Angriest Shiba Inu! Mess with us and we will chew you up and spit you out!


Arbitrum Chain

The Fastest Ethereum L2 Layer EVM with Near Instant Transactions and Extremely Cheap Fees


DxMint Fee Token

A Fee token minted by DxSale which means the token is Guranteed Rug Proof and verified bug free!


Angry Tokenomics

Built in token reflection so all holders earn from others trading. 8% Total fees with 4% reflected to holders!

PancakeBunny Fork Estimated End of February

PancakeBunny was one of the largest and most popular farms on BSC that captured almost 6 billion + TVL in the peak of the past bull run. AngryArbInu will aim to do the same on Arbitrum chain and become one of the most popular farms long term!

View PancakeBunny Website

MM Finance Fork Estimated End of April

MM Finance was one of the most popular pancakeswap forks on Cronos chain. They added several features such as self made tomb fork tokens pegged with their own MMF token. The plan is to setup the exchange then integrate our angryArb token with the swap and build our own base farms!

View MMF Website

The Angry ArbInu Team

The project started with just Ironman but we are growing and adapting to make this the biggest release on Arbitrum Chain!


Ironman - DefiGuy

No introduction needed here one of the big influencers in the original BSC Apes Chat Presales - Apes. Running his own group of apes now, follow him here.



Launched some of the biggest projects in the past including Blackhole (1000x), Wormhole (500x) and Mirror (150x), father of reflect based tokens and likes to drink Pepsi but calls it Coke! Follow his group here.



Another powerful person in the community that is known for his development skills and ability to fork and improve upon some of the top DeFi apps. Is a specialist in forking and deploying Pancakeswap clones!